Empower. Fitness. Nutrition. Self Defense.
10 Cities. Over 500 women.
Saturday 9am - 3pm

Join Nicole for a half-day adventure of self discovery, empowerment, female connections and physical activity. This workshop is specifically designed to help you learn how to create the life, the mind and the body you want. You will find the key to your unique self, gain the confidence to break down every obstacle and create the very road that will lead you to your ultimate goals. You will leave with a plan for success towards your new future.

Let Nicole give you the secrets from two decades of motivating the toughest personalities, hand holding some of the world's most famous names and making sense out of the 'stuff' women struggle with everyday. Stop struggling ladies! The answer has finally arrived.

Also, experience the sensation that has been spreading like wildflower! The tours very own AGUA - Woman's Self Defense Bootcamp. "Woman should be as fluid as water but as solid as ice when it comes to defending themselves." - Nicole Sanders

No water required - just pure confidence.

The Workshop That Offers Something for Every Woman.

Check back for 2013 dates.
Bigger. Better. 
More Cities.
More Women.

Knocking down the barriers or at least having the strength to step over them.

Learning when to stop ‘weighting’ and begin creating a healthy lifestyle.

The right stuff at the right time makes Jane a happy woman.

Technique plus natural instinct equals the confidence to defend.


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