Our goal when we started was to give women what traditional health clubs were not. The ability to get fit in a non-threatening environment while not being judged.  But, also to get exceptional health and fitness, with results. We incorporated our clinical practices with the physical fitness that women needed for optimal health.

"The only court I have been on was to cheer for my kid. I have not done a thing since college...or was it high school?"

"My workouts are boring. I hate working out. I have not seen any results."

"I loved camp as a kid. Can't seem to find a camp where women have fun."

Just come out and play! It doesn't matter if you have not played in years. It doesn't matter if you have never even picked up a ball! What matters is that you want to play. At Ladimax, 'You Can If You Want To'. Everyone plays.

We aren't just certified personal trainers. We are also athletes who know what it takes to achieve results...and have fun while doing it. The bonus is that we are also qualified
rehabilitation specialists so programs are conducted from a clinical and fitness standpoint. 
Who said being an adult can't be fun? We give you a woman's experience of fitness, mind and body challenges inspired by what a childhood should be. 

Celebrating 17 years!
Since 1996 we’ve helped women's bodies respond in ways they never thought possible. 
We provide the missing links...exclusivity and the power to be the person you want to be...with NO judgement.

...Her Playground!
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