Ladimax Sports and Fitness
17 Gramercy Place
Thornwood, NY 10594
Phone: 914-469-2319

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5AM-9PM
Sat/Sun: 8AM-4PM

...Her Playground!
Ladimax's Girl Fit-Sport is a fitness program designed to get more teen-aged girls moving and interested in being physically fit. The program incorporates sports drills and conditioning and progressive fitness challenges to promote optimal health. There are two program options to consider: 

After-School and Passport 

Parental consent required. For ages 13-17 only. Must be in good health and have no physical restrictions.

This program is designed to offer teens another source or outlet for activity. Something new and different to her current routine. Perhaps she just needs to get a good start to help motivate her into doing other activities.

Sessions are held twice a week after-school. Weekend program also.
This program is designed for the teen who is shy or requires individualized attention. We will re-define her through her fitness to
increase her strength and endurance, as well as, her self esteem and confidence levels. Feeling strong and full of confidence will translate into a higher productivity in school and with her peers.

Sessions by appt only.