Ladimax Sports and Fitness
17 Gramercy Place
Thornwood, NY 10594
Phone: 914-469-2319

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5AM-9PM
Sat/Sun: 8AM-4PM

...Her Playground!
Our certified instructors are top-quality, providing a workout experience that is sure to leave you wanting more! The color-coded Group Fitness schedule, provides an easy reference to find any strength, dance, mind/body, cycling, bootcamp or cardio workout that fits your fitness needs. All Group Fitness classes include modifications for all fitness levels to ensure that everyone can take a step toward meeting their fitness goals.

Each class is 55-minutes, unless noted otherwise. Classes are held in both the studio and court. Sign-up for some classes may be required. 
Only at Ladimax
Salsa, merengue? A latin-inspired cardio-dance class! A fun, effective workout for 
all! Come join the party!  
Test your strength and cardiovascular fitness in this non-stop, non-choreographed workout. Utilizing our special military course, gym equipment and whatever else is in our arsenal. Nothing is off limits. 
Bring your stress and your endurance to pull out the inner kickboxer in you. Be ready to jab and kick your way to a better body. The intensity is non-stop but modifies for all levels. Unleash your martial art!
This is a non-impact workout that will challenge you with a combination ride that mixes speed, resistance and the thought of 'no limit' to how far you can push.
This class focuses on improving flexibility and balance. It moves at a slowed pace, allowing for deep experience of each pose and breath.  

A Ladimax exlcusive: 
Learn basic self defense, effective martial arts, get stronger, gain confidence and burn fat. All while learning to defend yourself. 'Women should be as fluid as water, but as solid as ice when it comes to defending themselves'.