Celebrity fitness trainer Nicole Sanders proves that women can still have fun. No matter what age. The successful entrepreneur and creator of AGUA  - Women's Self Defense Bootcamp, 
STRENGTH OF A WOMAN TOUR, and Ladimax Day Fitness Camp, grew once a one room, closet-sized space into a business that has been thriving for more than 16 years.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Nicole always knew that she would some day own her own business. She attributes her tough attitude and strong will to survive to her mom always saying, "if you want it, go get it". 

In 1996, Nicole founded Ladimax Fitness and Massage Therapy for Women. She realized and 
capitalized on the mistakes that larger health club chains were making.

Nicole holds licenses in both occupational and massage therapies. She is also a martial artist, with special focus in Jeet Kune Do (the concept that Bruce Lee developed), an athlete and has completed the 2010 NYC Marathon. Nicole is also the creator and key speaker of the 'STRENGTH OF A WOMAN' tour, a workshop series that travels throughout the United 
States promoting the transformation and empowerment of women. Nicole also heads Ladimax Bodyfat Camp, which is an intensive weight loss camp geared towards drastic, in your face style training and nutrition.

Her clientele consists of television/film and theater performers, professional athletes, NBA wives, Fortune 500 business owners and stay at home moms.

Her mission is to get every woman moving no matter what age and show them that the fun does not have to END.


...Her Playground!
Ladimax Sports and Fitness
17 Gramercy Place
ThornwoodNY 10594
Phone: 914-469-2319

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5AM-9PM
Sat/Sun: 8AM-4PM

Nicole Sanders, OTA, LMT, CPT