A Trainer’s Tryout: From Carnivore To Vegan Week 3 (VIDEO)

A Trainer’s Tryout:
From Carnivore To Vegan Week 3 (VIDEO)



Hey all!

Well, I’m moving into week #3 as a vegan and, suffice it to say, it’s been interesting. You can click here and here for my previous updates.

Now, the hard data: my numbers are in and I am not thrilled.

You know those 4-pounds of fat I gained last week? Well, I managed to lose 2.86 of them BUT I ended up losing 4-pounds of MUSCLE! That’s a total scale weight loss of 7 pounds!

Do you also remember me saying that if I kept up this diet, I would most likely lose muscle? That’s exactly what happened. This is the very thing that I say all the time.

All weight loss is not created equal. The scale is NOT your friend because it does not tell the complete truth.

Now some of you will say, ” But Nicole you lost 7 pounds this week. That is great!” Not when it includes hard earned muscle that I need to keep the fat off. So, my game plan this week is to get my muscle back!

Right now, this experiment is proving my theory and I hope you can see for yourself that reducing calories, not getting enough protein and seeing weight loss as reflected on the scale does not tell a great, sustainable weight loss story.

Take a peek at the video for more of my thoughts.

So, as I move into week 3, what do you think? How are you feeling about this as a diet or way of life?

Keep those comments, questions and motivation coming!





  1. You know what? I was going to say you looked smaller the last time I saw you! That is so crazy!

    • Susan, yes and those words are not music to my ears. Smaller on me just means less muscle. Not good!


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