A Trainer’s Tryout: From Carnivore To Vegan.. Week 2 (VIDEO)


A Trainer’s Tryout:
From Carnivore To Vegan.. Week 2 (VIDEO)

Hi all! If you’ve been following along, you know that I have adopted a vegan diet for the month of August.

Well, my assumptions and expectations about the changes I would encounter as a vegan, were just as I expected. How do you maintain your healthy body fat and muscle mass on a vegan diet? YOU DON’T!

What tends to happen on these diets, (I call it that because that is exactly what it is) is one or two things:  either your calories get reduced because of limited food choices or your calories increase because you are now consuming more carbs and sugars because you are hungry. It may appear that you are losing weight (on the scale), when in fact, you are losing muscle and your fat is increasing.

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The proof is always in the numbers: my body fat increased by 4-pounds, that’s up 2%.  The scale weight increased 4-pounds and I had a total of a 5-inch gain overall. My muscle remained the same, however, if I continue on this course, that will decline.

Currently, I don’t believe this is necessarily the healthiest way on it’s own for any healthy, active person to consider. I

I’m roughly halfway through; stay tuned to see how I put my 20 years of health and fitness knowledge to the test in order to get the results I need for myself and my clients.

Are any of you vegans? What are some of the staples you use to get the proper amount of nutrition?

In the meantime, I was pleasantly surprised this week.. keep watching to find out why!


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  1. Unfortunately, your 20 years of training and health and fitness cannot prepare you for how to train as a vegan, the rules are not the same. It is truly the healthiest way to get the body of your dreams and it’s actually the easiest and most sustainable if you know what you’re doing. Check out http://veganbodyrevolution.com
    Thomas Tadlock paved the way for you. He also struggled the first year, but now he’s a master at vegan bodybuilding and fat loss.
    By the way, did you know that the male and female winners of bodybuilding, physique, figure, and male model in the recent Naturally Fit expo in Austin Texas were all one by vegan athletes??! Those vegan athletes are proving that not only can you get fit on a vegan diet, it’s the best way to have the biggest baddest muscles of all! Stick with it and learn from the folks who have already figured it out. You will be amazed. Dr. G


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