How to Join

At Ladimax Sports and Fitness there is no membership. We are a training gym ONLY. If you are interested in transforming your body, preparing for an event, struggling with fat loss or on the ‘menopausal spectrum’ then we are the place for you.

We mean business. Our clientele is exclusive and limited to those who  are serious about their fitness goals and getting results.


What we are not: 

*The crowded gym offering you smoothies and every amenity EXCEPT a change in your fitness.

*A gym where the main event is a discussion about make-up and designers.

*Where you will find the latest exercise craze or classes that do nothing for your ultimate goal.

*A place where you DON’T want to get results.


What we are:

*Experienced professionals in women’s fitness.

*Specialists in women who are on the ‘menopausal spectrum’.

*Not a gym; a comfortable environment for women to feel like they can come, train hard and leave it all on our gym floor; leaving feeling empowered enough to make great decisions that influence their fitness in an effective way.


To become a client:

Schedule an appointment for a consult to see if the fit is mutual. If so, we will schedule your assessment and first training session.

You can email: [email protected] or call 914-579-2120.

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