Nic’s Take: How Do I Get Rid Of My GUT?

Nic’s Take: 
How Do I Get Rid Of My GUT?

Stomach. Mid-section. Muffin top. Innertube. Potbelly. Spare tire. Beer gut. Whatever you want to call it, it ranks high among topics of discussion; “How do I get rid of it?”, is by far, the most asked question of my day.

One might wonder that, if they have been working out hard and consistently, why they still have? They have done 100’s of crunches and sit-ups, used every ab machine sold on the infomercials and religiously walk around holding their stomachs thinking that it would waste away from being tucked in so tightly.

No news bulletin here but I will say it anyway; your stomach is a muscle just like all the others in your body. It must be treated as such. It needs attention. It needs rest. It needs the right nutrition. It needs exercise. Sort of like a runner who wants to improve her time. She gets a plan to gradually run faster. But in order to do that, she needs to build strength in her legs for the increased speed and she needs to be fueled properly for energy.

The stomach, or abdominals, have three layers that run down the middle and on both sides of your torso. To develop them, any activity that requires them to become engaged will help strengthen them. Standing and reaching to the top shelf or twisting to open your lower desk drawer is active activity for the abdominals. Don’t get me wrong, doing exercises like crunches, sit-ups or balancing activity will aid in strengthening your stomach muscles for sure. But that will not help (as much as you think) in getting rid of the fat that surrounds. Strong abs are important for stability and the burden of carrying us around. However, cardio and diet are the true heroes of losing guts.

A consistently clean, balanced diet that includes a little of it all, coupled with at least 30 minutes of a challenging cardio session WILL lose the gut. Now THAT is the proper way you train your stomach…to be flat…

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