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10 Reasons It Might Be Time
To Hire A Personal Trainer



Okay so here’s the scenario; you promised yourself at the beginning of the year that this would be the one you got in shape. You joined a gym, cleaned up your diet (well, most of the time),  got new clothes and got motivated.

But now, with 3/4 of the year behind you, you’re wondering what happened. You’ve still been going to the gym but perhaps, have gotten bored or, GASP, lazy! Maybe lazy is too strong a word but you have gotten, well, comfortable.

It’s not too late to achieve the fitness goals you set out for yourself; you just may need a little more help.

Enter the personal trainer.

Now, before you say, “Oh no, I could never afford that” remember that in life, you get what you pay for.

So here are 10 reasons it might be time to  hire a trainer.


1. You Need Accountability/Motivation:

Once you make the commitment and pay, you are more likely to show up. As you see the results, you’ll want to continue.

2. You’re Training For A Sport/Evening Gown/Event:

Working within a timeframe requires the knowledge and expertise to set the proper goals that will get the desired results.

3. You Have An Injury:

Injuries happen but don’t have to completely halt your workouts. Training smart, with caution and under supervision helps keep you on track, not the couch.

4. You Need The Challenge:

Your workouts are beginning to feel the same as going for a long, slow walk. Time for your body to feel like a you have just run a marathon.

5. You Have No Clue Where To Start:

You should have a program designed specifically based on a fitness assessment to create a blueprint on where your fitness levels are now and where they need to get to.

6. You’re Bored With Your Workouts:

Time for change. You need varied training styles, routines and intensity. Your body responds the most to cross training and mixing it up.

7. You Prefer Working Out At Home:

You are intimidated by the gym and have no desire to be in a place where people can see you in your most vulnerable state. Being comfortable in your own home allows you to be focused on the workout not on whether people are staring at you.

8. You’re Not Seeing Results:

You have been working out for months and not seeing results. Trainers create results.

9. You Want To See Faster Results:

You need to get into that bikini in three months. Having the right program, right nutrition and the right knowledge will get you there.

10. You Want To Reach/Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Health issues are lurking in your future and you need to change your habits fast. Creating a lifestyle based on healthier eating and exercise is key with the proper guidance.
So there you have it; just a few of the many reasons people opt to hire a personal trainer to get them to the next level.
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If you fall into any of these categories, Ladimax Sports and Fitness can help. Nicole Sanders has two decades of personal training experience as well as licenses in occupational and massage therapies under her belt. She knows how to get you the results you want.
If you’re interested in working with Nicole, drop us a line here; you might be closer to your fitness goals than you realize.
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