Ladimax Sports And Fitness:
An Attitude Of Gratitude

Fair warning: this is not a fitness post per se but it is an important one.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks. No I haven’t gone soft.. but I am grateful.

So here it is… a big, blanket THANKS to the following:




 As you know, we have tackled quite a few challenges over the last several months. When we couldn’t come to terms with the owners of the old space, we had to find a new one. Moving is never easy, much less when it’s a gym with a lot of heavy equipment. So many of you stepped up, helped pack, then moved the equipment to the new space. Then you helped bring to life, a space that had long been ignored. Thank you for your selfless service.




Ladimax Sports and Fitness Facebook Page

I have to admit, I thought social media was a waste of time. We had a Ladimax Facebook page but that was about it. That page has now been transformed into something of a community.. where we share news, information and inspiration. Be sure to check it regularly!


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Ladimax Sports on Twitter 

We had a Twitter page but let’s be honest.. not much was going on there as I was busy training and running the gym. We have since doubled out Twitter followers and that number continues to grow as we share more content that is of interest to followers. Hey.. make sure you are one of them!

 Ladimax Sports And Fitness on Instagram

Instagram was another social media tool that I wasn’t really using to its fullest. That has changed now; we’ve seen exponential growth as we share inspiration and exercises with an audience who is more visual than text driven. Are you following?


When it all began.. And yes, I did her body fat numbers
in the restaurant parking lot. 

Rene Syler and I met one year ago today, introduced by  mutual friend. This friend had watched as Rene has rebuilt her own life and career after a series of events that would have left most people incapacitated. Rene came on board, first to rebuild my website and handle my social media. What was supposed to be a short-term, freelance job has now turned into a full-fledged partnership.

It hasn’t always been easy, especially with two, strong-willed people. But there is no growth without growing pains and we had more than our fair share. But we have also accomplished a lot.  On the social media front, Rene has helped me to understand that in business today, it’s not a luxury but a necessity. A website it not just a website; it’s a living, breathing business card that propels your brand. I have always had something to say, a strong position on health and fitness matters; now, through the website and social media, I have a platform to take that message to readers.

Speaking of readers: Rene and I co-authored a book! Savor and Sip Assist, our first book together, came out at the end of last year. Available as a digital download, it was an eating and exercise guide to help people get through the holidays without gaining a ton of weight. People at the gym are STILL using it. If you’re interested, you can buy it here.

Video and podcast projects 

Along with the book, we’ve also done a number of videos and now have introduced Power Talk Podcast to help you power through your cardio. Rene and I have developed fitness programs, created a new business model, continue to build out the Ladimax brand with one more big announcement coming.

There would be no way in ‘two hells’, I could have done any of this without her. Not only is she my business partner and client, but she is a sister and best friend I will cherish to the end. She has been a driving force, helping me get out of my own way and to understand that challenges are not insurmountable.. even if they seem that way.

So along with members and my social media family and followers, I say thank you Rene, for never turning your back on me. Here’s to year 2!










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