About Ladimax Sports And Fitness And Nicole Sanders



Washington, DC born, Nicole Sanders is one of the most sought after personal trainers. Her clients include Hollywood stars, professional athletes and world leading entrepreneurs. In her 20 year, successful career she has established herself as a renowned global fitness entrepreneur who has owned a woman’s fitness facility and is the creator of several, unique programs, including  AGUA – Women’s Self Defense Boot Camp and, along with TV personality, Rene Syler,  the Ladimax Lifestyle Retreat, an intensive weight loss program, geared toward drastic, in-your-face style training and nutrition over a 4-7 day period. She is also the key speaker of the ‘STRENGTH OF A WOMAN’ tour, a workshop series that travels throughout the United States promoting the transformation and empowerment of women.

Nicole specializes in women who are looking to transform their bodies. She has also developed a fail proof method for women who find themselves on the ‘menopause spectrum’ and believing that the opportunity to love their body has gone. “Every BODY needs the right food and the right exercise. Sometimes you just have to figure out what that is.”

Nicole has appeared on The TODAY Show, local television outlets and in various publications, most recently winning the coveted Best of Westchester award. She currently writes a monthly health and fitness column in a national publication and uses her sizable social media footprint to spread the message about women’s health and fitness.

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Nicole holds licenses in both occupational and massage therapies making her a fitness and rehab specialist.


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