Welcome To The New Ladimax! New Space, New Vibe.. NEW YOU!

Welcome To The New Ladimax!
New Space, New Vibe.. NEW YOU!

Hi ladies!

So we have moved into the new space and while there may be still kinks to work out, there is a brand new vibe here at Ladimax.
When I started my career in fitness, I want to transform women’s bodies in an environment that they were comfortable in. I wanted the women who came to my gym to feel the same as the women I trained in their own homes. Familiar. Comfortable.
When you are in that kind of setting, you can and will do your best. My success there got me to Los Angeles, where I had to up my own game to make sure I could transform clients’ bodies in a quick but healthy way.
So now fast forward; Ladimax is getting back to that.
While you will still experience the feeling of a membership with our classes and coming in to train as you please, our goal for all of you has shifted a bit.
 We don’t just want to be a gym with memberships; we want to be the playground that transforms and builds strong, healthy bodies.
Nicole in progress
We will start with me as I share my road to my competition and will begin posting and talking about the body changes with all of you.
With that, I will leave you with this: “STOP PRETENDING! No challenge, no change.”

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