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Another holiday season is in the books and now, it’s the same old story. You know the one; pants are tight, buttons popping open on your blouse, a rounder face and that familiar sinking feeling.

You gained weight over the holidays,  like many people often do. If you don’t do anything about that now, you’re going to be sliding right on into a new year with some new baggage around your waist and hips.

STOP! It doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’re looking for a way to shed real weight without pills, green shakes or ridiculous cost.. we have the plan for you.

Welcome to Ladimax Lifestyle Online Training! For the low cost of $100 for three months (that’s 1/2 off regular price) you will receive a fitness assessment and plan tailored to your needs. Weekly check-ins will help keep you on track along with access to Nicole Sanders, one of Hollywood’s most sought after trainers.

Here’s a closer look at the progress of 3 of our Ladimax Lifestyle Online Training Clients:


This are no tricks or gimmicks either. There is no special food to buy and nothing keeping you from success.  But there is ONE catch: there are only 10 SPOTS LEFT! So if you want to lose a minimum of between 10 and 25 pounds over 3 months, several inches and just generally feel better about yourself,  you better sign up quick! Price goes up in January!

So ask yourself.. what are you waiting for?

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