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Hey ladies!

Hard to believe but with June coming to a close, the year is nearly half over! Have you been able to stay on track with your fitness goals? Create new ones? Remember it’s never too late to start so don’t wait to do so.

June was a big, BIG month for Ladimax Sports so we thought we’d touch base with a quick recap:

1. Red Carpet Challenge

Go west, Nicole! And that’s just what she did. Ladimax founder was called to Hollywood to whip some folks into shape. She spent a week there, guiding the eating and exercise of her west coast contingent and they had amazing results! While Nicole won’t be leaving us for good, the results her clients got were so good they’re already trying to get her back out there.

2. Ask Nicole: 


Well, well well.. look who’s got a monthly column in a national publication? Nicole was asked to share her fitness knowledge and expertise with the readers of Her first column debuted in late May but as is the case with publishing, one can never rest, so more good stuff is in the offing. “Ask Nicole: How Do I Get Rid Of My Gut?” can be found here.



3. Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

She.went.THERE! They asked, and Nicole, never one to back down from a topic, went in!  Featured in a round-up of CEO’s, she detailed to just what it takes to run a company and still have some semblance of a normal life, including intimacy.


4. June and beyond!

That’s just what was happening in June.. now comes July and it’s shaping up to be as busy as the last month, starting with a Health and Wellness event in Dallas. Nicole and Rene ( have teamed up and are going to be sharing tips on fitness and career reinvention with the audience there. If you happen to be in Dallas that weekend, we’d love to see you! Click here for more.

Just a reminder, the gym is operating on summer hours now, so make sure to check the schedule before you head over.

Enjoy the summer, stay safe and we’ll see you in the gym.





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