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Hey ladies!

Hope you’re enjoying your summer. Here at Ladimax, it’s been a busy one.

And now, as we move into fall, we’re excited to share a new program with you.


Before we tell you about it, a little background.

Those of you who come to the gym or read the site regularly know this has been a big year for Ladimax Sports and Fitness.

At the end of last year, we published Savor and Sip Assist, an eBook aimed at helping women get through the holidays without gaining too much weight.

In January, we moved to a new facility and then in June, I headed to LA to train several clients using Red Carpet Challenge, a program designed for entertainment industry professionals.

In July, Rene Syler (Goodenoughmother.com) and I took our Evolution Revolution; A Prescription for Saving Yourself”  on the road with stops in Dallas and New York and it was there we saw a need for more.

Many of the people who attended those talks, wanted a way to stay in touch; to have the same success Ladimax clients have had, but because of proximity, couldn’t train with me.

Enter Ladimax Lifestyle!

Here’s how it works: for one, low monthly price, the Ladimax Lifestyle eating and exercise plan will be delivered right to your inbox.

It includes:

* A personal, baseline fitness assessment and consultation with me.

* A specific meal plan based on your needs. 

*A targeted exercise plan, that does NOT require a gym but will hit every muscle in your body.

* Monthly access to Ladimax University, a live, 30-minute webinar where I will share additional information and answer your questions. 

For $2.50 a day, ($2.50 a DAY??) lasting and real physical fitness can be yours! Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or train for a larger goal, Ladimax Lifestyle will work for you.

It’s real food, for real women, seeking real results.


Results after one week of Ladimax Lifestyle


Ladimax Lifestyle is $75 a month but if you sign up now, you can take advantage of this introductory offer; 3 months for $60.00 (when paid in full)

It’s not too late to get swimsuit ready or the body you want for the fall as we head into the holidays..

So tell me.. what are you waiting for? Sign up below!

Ladimax Lifestyle

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