Ladimax Lifestyle Retreat House:
South Bend, IN! (VIDEO)


Well we are on the move AGAIN! Rene Syler and I are headed to South Bend, Indiana for the second season of our Ladimax Lifestyle Retreat Houses!

You may recall our Retreat house in Austin was a ROUSING success! Well here.. peek for yourself!

Now we’re headed to South Bend, Indiana with 2 options for you to take part in; the 4-day, 3 night retreat or the day camp. More on that in a moment but first here’s what you can expect from Ladimax Lifestyle.

This program was created by celebrity trainer and rehab specialist Nicole Sanders, who is fed up with the lies perpetuated by the diet industry. She’s tackling it head on, debunking myths one at a time. Contrary to what you’ve been told, you don’t need to spend all day in the gym, hours on the treadmill or buy special food in order to look and feel great.

The Ladimax Lifestyle Retreat House is part of Ladimax Lifestyle, an umbrella of programs by Ladimax Sports and Fitness. At the house you can expect the following:

FITNESS: Residents will check in to the Ladimax Lifestyle House and all activities will take place on the grounds or nearby. Upon arrival, residents will receive a baseline fitness assessment. The following three days will focus on team building, functional strength training and improving cardio fitness among other things. Residents will learn and take with them, the tools they need for overall health and fitness for a lifetime.

EATING PLAN: Who says healthy eating has to be boring? Not Nicole! Those of you who follow her on social media know she prepares food based on her proven “Muscle Menu” method. Muscle Menu are combinations of food specifically designed to build muscle and burn fat when used in conjunction with the Ladimax Lifestyle fitness plan. The meal plan will include tips for how to stay on plan while dining and how to steer clear of diet busters in the office.

In a nutshell, you will experience exactly how Rene and Nicole eat and train, and leave with an individual blueprint for what it takes for you to achieve the long-term benefits of maintaining a fit and active lifestyle. Our structured program will incorporate  approximately 5-7 hours of fitness activities, designed to keep your heart rate up and burn thousands of calories each day.

Not only will you gain a total lifestyle transformation, but you will also leave physically stronger, empowered, new nutritional wisdom and a mental determination forcing you to push yourself more on all levels.

We are keeping the session small to ensure an intimate and individualized atmosphere for each of you. The primary goals of the house is to empower you, help reduce body fat, assist in losing weight properly, and teach you how to change your body indefinitely without using weight loss fads and gimmicks.


Open to just 10 women, our 4-day, 3-night retreat is designed to produce immediate results and give residents tools for lasting results. No more yo-yo dieting and fitness ever again!

WHEN: Session 1- June 10th-13th, 2016. Season 2- June 15th-18th, 2016

WHERE: South Bend, IN

COST: $500 (non-refundable deposit of $250 to hold your spot; balance of $250 due June 3rd, 2016)


The dates are the same as the retreat house but you will not spend the night. For one day during either session 1 or 2, you will meet up with the ladies at the house and take part on all the activities, including meals and fitness assessment. At the end of the session, you will return to your own home.

COST: $200 


As part of session 1, we will be taking part in Warrior Dash in Channahon, IL on June 11th, 2016. That is a separate fee and you will need to sign up yourself. 

Now.. who’s ready for an empowering weekend full of fun, fitness that is guaranteed to change your life? Who’s down for learning, fun and fitness in South Bend?

If you are, sign up here but you better do it quick!


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