“I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To…”
Ladimax Member Dani Jackson Tackles 1/2 Marathon!


On Sunday, April 19th, Ladimax member Dani Jackson ran in the More/Fitness magazine 1/2 Marathon in New York. It was a a goal that Dani worked very hard to achieve. How did she do it? How did she keep going? And what did she learn about herself? More now in Dani’s words….



In the fall I needed a new “goal” to work toward in my training and fitness. It was Nicole’s idea- and honestly I did not think it was realistic. I had been jogging as part of my training but could not maintain “running” for any distance. I had completed 2, 5k races and a 10k in the summer and fall. So I said I would give it a try. Although 13.1 miles seemed unrealistic.



I have trained and busted my a$$ and I don’t give up even when it’s hard. I was alone during the last 3 miles but I knew people were waiting for me at the finish line. In my first 5k I remember how good it felt to finish last May. Even though I was in pain I knew that was temporary, but the memory of finishing would last longer. I needed to finish so I could say I have done it, and now I can.  In the two years working with Nicole and Ladimax I went from not being able to shuffle across the studio floor because of foot pain to being strong enough to train for and complete the race!


Honestly - between mile 11-12 I hurt and I was fighting back pain but I think it was just fear .  Finally I thought “It’s just a feeling - have it. Cry and get back on track. ” So I did. Cried, wiped my eyes, walked a little, realized it hurt less to jog and got moving again.


 Christine and Dani at the finish line.. 


From Nicole: 

What makes Dani standout and be successful at her fitness goals, is that she is consistent in her training,  wants a challenge and is dedicated to the process, even when she would rather be doing something else. She allows me to push her to her limits. That doesn’t mean she likes it but she believes in the process and trusts that with my help, she will reach whatever goals she sets for herself. The key to the entire thing is her attitude. Positive attitude =positive results. It really is true that you get out what you put in and Dani is a testament to that.

If you come in on your phone, with a “reading a book” kind of intensity approach to exercise, what you will get is the same body you came in with.

Dani Jackson  is a 39-year-old, active woman who loves the outdoors, sports, softball, animals and teaching. She is   happy when she can lead an active lifestyle.  Dani admits her weight always  fluctuated but by her 30’s it had  limited her lifestyle, forcing her to give up some beloved hobbies such as driving race cars.  Dani now says she can do so much more, convinced she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it, if she does the work toward the goal.


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