Beat The Heat! 10 Simple Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Beat The Heat!
10 Simple Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer, the hazy, hot and often times, most humid days of the year. But the heat is not just uncomfortable; it’s also dangerous. According to the National Weather Service, the heat is one of the leading weather-related killers. But there are a few, simple things you can and should, do to beat the heat.

1. STAY HYDRATED: Grab portable water packs for those days you are on the go. This could mean the sports belts that come equipped with little water bottles that runners use or the packs that serve as a backpack with bladders that you can fill-up to keep you cool.

2. STAY COOL AT NIGHT:  Sleep better at night by putting a small pillow in the freezer.

3. USE SILK OR SATIN PILLOWCASES: The longer you sleep on them, the cooler they feel. Perfect steamy night remedy, especially if you are AC challenged.

4. CARRY A SPRAY BOTTLE:  Make sure it is one where you can adjust how you would like it to spray out. A spray mist option is the way to go.

5. COVER YOUR HEAD! One of my favs: Wear a baseball cap. This may not keep your entire body cooler but it definitely helps to keep the sun out of your face and your scalp from getting hot.

6. MAKE FRUIT-FLAVORED ICE TREATS:  Leave the fruit juices and ice pops that claim to be made from real fruit and make your own. Cut up your on fruit and toss in the freezer. Perfect healthy treat on a hot day.

7. STICK WITH LOOSE CLOTHING:  The most ideal clothing to wear is wicking clothes that keep the sweat off of your body allowing your body temperature to remain cooler.

8. KEEP COOL WITH A WET CLOTH:  Another one of my favs: wet a bandana and wear it on your head. Just think of being sweaty in the gym in the winter and you go outside. You are freezing, right? Same thing except you will not be freezing. You will feel nice and cool for as long as the bandana is wet.

9. USE ICEPACKS ON NECK AND WRISTS:  These are two of the body’s most effective quick cooling points. Because these areas are pulse points, they will cool your blood faster.

10. AVOID CAFFEINE AND ALCOHOL: They serve no purpose but to dehydrate you on a hot day. Grab a drink that will replenish your electrolytes.

The heat can be a dangerous thing, but it also creates a lot of opportunities for outdoor fun. Respect the heat, but be good to yourselves by being prepared on how to stay cool.

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