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This is the year I’m going to do better!

I have HAD IT! It’s My TURN!

Raise your hand if you have ever said this before. You have tried every fad diet out there, lost and gained again. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

You know what didn’t work for you before? 

Your plan was not sustainable in the longterm. You severely cut calories and tried to run your way into a smaller size. Only with no calories you didn’t have energy to do that. 

And then there was this: The less you ate, the flabbier you got. Smaller? Maybe.. Tighter? 


And that’s where we come in. 

We are taking the focus OFF the scale! Instead of talking about losing “weight” (which also includes muscle) we are going to teach you how to build muscle, which in turn burns fat and looks better too!

Don’t take our word for it here are a few of our real-life clients.

Client A: Down over 90
pounds, 38 inches overall


Client B: Down over 30 pounds,
almost 22 inches overall

(P.S. Client B travels extensively for her job and still managed to lose!) 


How on earth did they lose that weight? Those inches? 

By eating. 

Not shakes. Not depriving themselves. 

Real food and they did real exercise. 


Some of the food on the Ladimax Lifestyle “Muscle Menu”

Pretty simple right?

Why aren’t more people doing it? Because it does require some work on your part. We make no bones about that. But if you want it and are willing to work for it. we can help you get there. 

And now that’s going to be easier than ever!

Coming in January, 2017, the Ladimax Plan becomes the LADIMAX LIFESTYLE NETWORK!

You can: 
*Create a profile that will enable you to 
*Track food 
*Schedule training sessions (additional fee)
*Participate in group challenges
*Get badges for accomplishments toward your goal
*Have a personal blog
*Share photos and achievements
And SO MUCH MORE! Here’s a look.. 

Ladimax Lifestyle Network Homepage

Ladimax Lifestyle Network Personalized Nutrition Page 

Ladimax Lifestyle Network Personalized Training Page


Ladimax Lifestyle Network  App

The app will allow you to 
*Track your daily fitness activities
*Track your weight and other body metrics
*Over 2000+ exercise demonstrations
*Preset workouts and the option to create your own
*Over 150 badges to earn
*Ability to track food 
There is a once a year membership fee of $75. After that, you choose one of 3 tiers within our network: Basic, Plus and Premium.

Basic Tier:  $29.99/mo


*24/7 Facebook Network Access


*Unlimited Email Access


*Fitness Routines (HIIT) Plans


*Training plans (based on progress)


*Nutrition (based on progress)


*Women’s Health & Fitness Blogs


Plus Tier: $49.99/mo

  • 24/7 Facebook Network Access
  • Unlimited Email Access
  •  Weekly Fitness Routines (HIIT)
  • Training plans (based on progress)
  • Nutrition (based on progress)
  • Food Swap Options List
  • Women’s Health & Fitness Blogs
  • Video Messages
  • Exercise Instruction
  • Ladimax TV

Premium Tier: $69.99/mo

  • All of the above plus:

  • Special programs

    • 30-day Transformation Challenges

    • Programs tied to events/time of year

    • Hollywood Beatdown (Various editions)

  • Trainer Challenges

  • Master Training Class (individual online instruction)*

  • On-Demand Training ( i.e. in person as our schedule permits)* (We show up at your house!)

    • Locked Video Series

      • Day In The Life

      • Behind The Scenes

      • Special Fitness

      • Private Training



So… are you ready?

Is 2017 going to be another year of: 


This is the year I’m going to do better!

I have HAD IT! It’s My TURN!

Or is this the time you make real and substantive change?

Ball’s in your court!


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