Ladimax Lifestyle:
Fitness Products We Like


Hi ladies:

Many have asked about the product we like and use as part of Ladimax Lifestyle. Below is a partial list; we will continue to add as we experience things that we think will help you reach your fitness goals!


Isolator Fitness:
6 leak resistant containers: (3) 16oz, (1) 12oz, (1) 28oz, and (1) 38 oz
2 Insulated Side Pockets keeping contents cold, 2 Mesh Side Pockets good for carrying tall bottles.

Jaxx Fitpak with portion control:
Same idea as Isolator fitness but a bit more affordable.
Polar M400 Heart Rate Monitor:
Yes it’s a bit on the pricey side, but it’s an excellent source of data
and information and can help you see how effective your training is.
Harbinger Weight Gloves: 
We love the wrist support and the way they feel.
Click the picture to purchase. 
McCormick Grill Mates:
Those of you in our Ladimax Lifestyle plan KNOW how we feel about Grill Mates.
We use them on EVERYTHING! Click the pic to purchase!
Lifeproof FRE POWER:
If you are active, you sure can’t have an ordinary cell phone case;
Lifeproof can charge and protect your cell phone!
 Hope these suggestions help.. make sure to click the link here to buy them and support Ladimax Lifestyle!

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