Fit For Life!
5 Must-Do Exercises For Women In Their 50’s

You have been marinating in life’s experiences and now are ready to love completely, whether it’s a renewal or a brand spanking new love. This is YOUR second half and you are playing to win, no matter how many fumbles or strikes have come your way. Here are activities to get and keep it tight and right.
The fact of the matter is that we may look like the new 40 but our bones and muscles are still 50. They need to be treated nicely for getting us this far. Stretching them helps keep them flexible and keeps your range of motion in check. One of the first signs of aging is getting stiff. So don’t.
The heart is our engine. In order to keep moving, we have to get the blood pumping through the heart to the rest of our bodies. Include a minimum of 20 minutes each day. Please don’t half step on this one. It’s like putting regular gas in your luxury car. It just won’t cut it. Neither will your leisurely stroll. STEP IT UP!
Here is an all time favorite that does the trick every time. Using dumbbells to get a stronger upper body is the way to go. It also helps keep your posture upright. A strong core will take you far away from future falls that plague is as we age. Building the back muscles help prevent you from the old age slump. Exercising the chest muscles help give you the only uplift you should need and having strong arms not only look nice but always catches an eye. Who knows who you will meet.

 4. ZUMBA: 
Whether you have the rhythm or not, this is a fun exercise with great music. The perfect way to get you in an atmosphere where there is no choice but to be happy, smile and move. This latin-based instruction has a way of making you feel sensual and  bringing your sexy back. Don’t be shy! Get in there and learn to move it like you love yourself. If you can’t, how will anyone else.
 5. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training):
Just because you are 50, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself. HIIT creates a challenge between you and you. A series of timed, high intensity exercises that hit your entire body, followed by rest periods and then back to it again. It’s okay if you are                  only able to do 20secs of the 30secs to begin with. You are competing with your body only. The more you do it, the more your body will like it and the more benefit you will take from it. Grab your water and get started!
 Lastly, only because I want you to truly have the fun you have earned…use condoms. Not for avoiding pregnancy, but for safe sex! Go live ladies.


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