All Workouts Are Not Created Equal
Ladimax Sports and Fitness started out 15 years ago as Ladimax Personal Training and Massage Therapy for Women. Our goal then was to give women what traditional health clubs were not.  The ability to get fit in a non-threatening environment while not being judged.  But, also to get exceptional health and fitness, with results. We incorporated our clinical practices with the physical fitness that women needed for optimal health.

Today, we pride ourselves on the effects we have made in hundreds of women's lives. Many of whom have remained our clients not because they can't do it themselves, but because we are a lifestyle...not just another gym. 

We specialize in improving strength due to physical disabilities, decreasing body fat, increasing cardio / fitness levels...and challenging you to your optimal health.

Buddy Training          $35 / session
Private Training          $85 / session
Clinical Massage       $55 / 30minutes

Massage Therapy Seminar - see Upcoming Events!
Fitness Seminar Coming Soon!

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healthFITcare® Bootcamp
Fitness at the cost of a co-pay. In this bootcamp you become the hard-core personal trainer, the kickboxer and the star athlete. We will challenge your body and get you in shape faster than traditional exercise. At this bootcamp, you will become strong, lean and healthy. Spaces for each time are limited due to our individualized attention. This is not a class...this is a personal training adventure to the new YOU.

Bootcamp Schedule
9:15AM: Mon, Wed, Fri    
2PM: Mon, Wed, Fri
6:30PM: Tues, Fri
We offer a fitness experience catered to women only. On average our clients lose 8-12lbs of fat in just 4 weeks. Each workout is filled with variety, hard work and fun.

Bootcamp Rates
1x - $20
4 weeks - 2x per week - $100
4 weeks - 3x per week - $120